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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 12, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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firefighters work to stop a strong fire from reaching a lumberyard. several cars on fire outside the newark business. here )s a look at the scene. ==laura/2shot== good morning - and thanks for joining us. i )m laura garcia cannon. ==sam/2shot== and i )m sam brock. =anim= ad lib toss to weather ==kari//cu== ==mike//traffic h set== ck san mateo bridge
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watching for a "car fire"... ck traffic maps what we're talking about. plenty of time for that car to show up on a live camera and to show up on any follow up reports but we will continue to follow that until chp gives us the all clear. we're watching an earlier crash in san jose off of the 101. i'll talk about that more coming up. >> we continue with the breaking . ws we're following.
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a very destructive fire in newark. this is a live look at the sin right now. authorities are still there, and burned out cars. thee is the latest information that we know. we just got word that the call came in about 12:15 this morning, the fire quickly carried through the three cars, also damaging a nearby building. chris sanchez is going to the scene now to gather more physician for you we'll have estroynformation later this morning. also developing, a live look in san jose where firefighters are mopping up from the fast moving brush fire that destroyed it broke and damaged another d 4-30 this is the second fire in two n josen san jose. broke out about 4:30 yesterday afternoon right near the san jose country club. aidall about 100 acres of land
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t, geburned. one person forced to leave said she spoke with a homeowner that lost everything. ere )e was sad, she said she lost everything, they said get out now. >> one fire fiekter suffered a dislocated shoulder battling the p and do we'll have a live report from the scene at the top of the hour. right now, flames going up ost dewn our golden state this morning. this shows the active fires that in thire are battling right now. they are in red. ows of the most constructive is a wall fire in beaute county. we have an image showing a oyed 41o, a swirling wind of
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flames. this morning it stands at 5800 acres. 55% contained. also near lake tahoe this morning, the farad fire at 670 acres after it shout down reterstate 80 for much of the day, also causing an air quality warning. for the out, the alamo fire ies inues to will your honor near santa maria, it is 60% contained. a>> international news this morning, breaking news from nigeria. police say 12 of the victims are members of the civilian self defense force. hichack here at home, many
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people will end up with a higher water bill. arey have to raise the rates 9% many iow, and the additional 9% the year. >> happening today, palo alto city leaders are looking at a policy that many say is unfair. times ty essentially said tough luck if customers are charged higher because of a leak. they adopted that rural in 2006, but hundreds of residents say sometimes leaks attack too long matthey discover their water bill should be credited. have your say at city hall. and tonight discussing a hold a ssewage improvement plan. en otwo sides right now are
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being considered for that facility. an .. e holding a study session tonight to look into litigation measures. s wjuly 17th, members will be briefed on the plan and they ider vote on approving one of the two sites. >> water quality control members gill meet today to discuss a noisy cement plant. it has been snag many have complained about. they are going to discuss an amendment that already gaves existing cease and desist orders. >> one bay area city is weighing the strongest step to date. up next, the momentous decision now facing the oakland city council. happening today -- the trump
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administration will try get the lawsuit against its sanctuary cipo welcome back on this wednesday morning, the trump administration will file a lawsuit against the sank which you -- sanctuary city law being throw out. the federal government can be sued for who woulding funds from sanctuary governments.
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this would be a step further than just being a sanctuary city. oakland's public safety committee recommending the city cut ties completely with federal immigration, customs, i.c.e. they are arguing that federal agents have been deployed to bully and intimidate noncriminals. also that the statuses conflict. >> people were picking up and dropping of their kids at schools, and it's not appropriate for oak raland to bn partnership with i.c.e. at this time. >> it is 4:40 right. kari hall will have a look at
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our forecast. >> mostly clear skies and sunshine as we go through the day. checking out the temperature trend, we'll be in the low 60s throughout the morning. but 80s are not bad considering that's where we should be this time of year. more on the possibility of triple digit temperatures coming up next. a live camera here of the 101 through san jose near 680 moving very we'll. we're tracking a crack, in fact two on the say highway. good samaritans to the rescue. how people in southern california jumped in to make a raging situation better just by their actions. >> taking a live look outside to start your wednesday morning. this is dublin this morning. thank you for joining us for "today in the bay." we'll have more news ahead.
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==4 shot== toss to weather and traffic. a nice view of the pyramid in the heart of san francisco this morning. seeing some clouds there, a good start to our day. turn up the oven. today it will be the coolest day of the week, and i think we will enjoy it. we'll see a difference in the inland valleys.
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a live look outside, we can also see the low clouds in the distance. the forecast coming up at the bottom of your screen, we'll see how the temperatures will turn out for the weekend. as we go through the day, the out bay will be up to 88 degrees. mil p millipedes. really some nice spots. and the mission district at 67 and santa rosa will be at 84, 83. sandals, hat, sun glasses all a
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necessity today. we'll be at 59 degrees at 8:00. temperatures still feel very comfortable. and it stays nice and cool there will be clouds and fog throughout most of the morning. it will be only in the low 60s today, but we will get clearing later this afternoon. san francisco keeping the temperatures in the 60s for today and tomorrow, then we turn more into the 70s as we go into the weekend with sunshine. we won't see as much clouds and fog as we saw recently. that allows the inland temperatures to really jump up to the triple digits in some of the hottest spots. not much better on sunday. we see the temperatures starting to come back down for the early part of next week. today is absolutely one of the
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cooler days in the seven-day forecast. >> yeah, the 101 through san rafael. further to the north we have a crash. there is a crash for the one small portion. they are not a major problem, but a crash there, may leave activity on the shoulder. there may be spectator slowing. the san mateo west bridge, a car fire on the bridge, i have seen no follow ups. it looks leek there is a cluster of cars coming eastbound.
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>> just coincidental. >> thank you right now new video. an intense rescue caught on camera. huntington beach police say it started with road rage and ended in a crash and bystanders jumped to the rescue. just before they pulled that child from the wreckage and pulled it to safety. they believe a dui driver crashed. he was arrested on suspicion of dui. and a watered down version of a bill. asking the state attorney general's office to investigate
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directly police shootings. right now that role falls to the department of justice. right now it would still be a first anywhere in the nation. >> we're demonstrating that we're doing anything and the trust that we need to have. >> an assembly committee amended the measure. they said it would lead to greater responsibility. >> the san francisco police commission is going to receive a report from sfpd on how the department is handling evidence in sexual assault cases. they are also required to show they're sharing results with sexual assault survivors. you may be able to help with
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the state's backlog of backlog kits. they could donate money from their local tax churn. failing to process them is unjust to the victims. >> it is important that if we're not going to get adequate funding, what other mechanicism we have. >> it cost from $500 to $1500 per kit to process. the bill is expected to be heard on the senate floor in the next few weeks. >> a bill requires california schools to ask students about their sexual orientation. the governmental organization committee voted 5-2 to send it to the rules committee.
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opponents have privacy concerns. all week long we have been telling you about a key vote in sacramento tomorrow. this morning we will learn more about it. the program will be targeted toxic air in neighborhoods around refineries and factories. the cap and trade program cuts back on greenhouse gas emissions. >> so you have probably heard of the senior discount. where it is going up 700%. first, a first emergency in the state of nevada. they are running out of marijuana. recreational pot became legal a week ago there and dispensaries are afraid they're going to run out. and fishermen pushing to
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sell fish directly from their boat. it would allow sales for the first time in nearly two decades. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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welcome back, everyone, state water officials are asking for state regulators to let them demolish and replace more of the damaged spillway at the orville dam. they want to repair a 240 foot section now rather than waiting for next year. >> the santa cruz beach boardwalk is getting a makeover.
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they're lining up to look at two of the newest attractions there. buckle up for the typhoon and t other rides. the price for lifetime pass an proceediers. the change is impacting people age 62 and older. the price hike will generate an extra 37 million per year. >> from area life heros to movie stars, they are all playing themselves in clint eastwood's new movie. that stopped two gunman in a
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train. the summer vacation could not be soon enough, the school will be back in session. >> we want to help students start the year with the supplies they need. they are beginning to support our cools throughout july. we have a full list of how and where you can donate. >> we're going nowhere up from here, kari. >> yeah, take it in, enjoy it, you'll want to do that. still very warm on some spots. in the east bay, expect a high of 74 degrees.
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we'll look at the hot temperatures coming up next. >> do you see that the lanes are open but they are tracking someone else. >> flames getting dangerously close to the east bay. >> we recovered over $750,000 for our viewers. if u you want help, call us.
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bay.. flames rip trough several cars in newark... =sam/live= we ) l breaking right now in the east bay. flames rip through several cars in noouk. we continue to dig for answers on what started this fire. >> looking at the photographic as well, but today is the day to enjoy life a little cooler. we keep the clouds near the coast. that will not change as we go through the day. in san jose it will be up to 86 and right around where we should be for this time of year.
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>> i know we're looking at speeds that are pretty pleasant around the area. someone called into to chp and said there is a brush fire there. we're also firing that in the news room, well let you know if it affects anyone else. a report of a crash there that can be slower tracking. >> right nowfire fighters are patrolling a neighborhood in the east foothills to make sure the fire doesn't flare up again.


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